Our Mission

Phoenix Praise Orchestra is volunteer ensemble of Christian musicians in the Phoenix metro area. Uniting together for the cause of Christ we use our musical talents to to support local and international ministries, and make a joyful noise to bring glory and honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our objectives include:

  • To provide a forum for instrumental musicians to come together across denominational lines through an all-volunteer orchestra in the Phoenix Metro area.
  • To provide free concerts/worship services in churches, concert halls, parks and other venues for the purpose of leading people in worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • To serve as a source fellowship for Christian instrumental musicians.
  • To invite musicians from churches of all sizes to be a part of a quality Christian performing organization.
  • To encourage musicians who have not played their instruments for some period of time to begin playing again.
  • To raise public awareness and appreciation of culture and the arts.
  • To use our talents to impact local and international ministies.

We pledge to support our communities and our members to the best of our abilities through prayer, works, entertainment and the sharing of the Gospel Message.

We share “The Good News” that Jesus Christ our Lord came to this Earth as a man, He lived, taught, shared, blessed, died, and ultimately made a way for all man kind to be reconnected to God the Father by conquering death and assuming the full punishment for our sins.

It is our foundational belief that we Christians are a light in a dark world. That what we do on this Earth matters both here and in Heaven, and it is this belief that drives our compassion towards all people.